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Текст песни HEAVY ON MY HEART - Полина Богусевич

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Open the door with a heavy heart
I’m ‘about to step outside
And that feeling of a black hole
In my soul won’t ease, won’t let go

I know, I turn around
One look into your eyes
Will make me compromise,
And will stay in that endless loop
Of yes's and no's of hate and love

So I rather break my own heart
Shatter it then glue it back
Make a move for both of us
Make it easier for you
While heavy on my heart

I’ve danced like crazy under the stars
And I begged for salvation while lying on a wet grass
Did I let this happen to us?
Was it you that refused to believe in us, baby...

I’ll search for the answer while chasing the pavements
You'll find yours in someone else's embrace
And by the end of this beautiful day
I will no longer be us, baby

It's only a matter of time
Till we both forget about us and move on
To whoever God sends our way next
This exact same day in ten years,
We won't remember the dust
Only fire, that we both had in the past

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